Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sketching at Clear water

Sketching at Clear Water

I am reminded of one older (although it is so fresh in mind I can't believe it was 2002) sketch from Still Water, MN and couple from North of the Twin Cities a few weekends ago on a Men's retreat at Clear Water Presbyterian camp. I have gone every year and always try to draw as much as I can.  This year I did get a few in that I was proud of.

 I woke up before the sun and set up my drawing kit. This was a great way to start the day.
Group Discussion

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Some of my favorite Minneapolis sketches

I recently joined Twin Cities Urban Sketchers website and it reminded me of some of my favorite Minneapolis sketches.  For a while I would try to sketch at lunch. Mostly small and quick.

The absolute best seat in the house to sketch that I know of the second floor of the Barnes and Noble.  I had many successful and unsuccessful sketches here.

The amazing Bob's Java Hut. I drew this waiting to talk with Mike Janasz way back when.

One of many many many cold bus rides

I loved sketching Gavidee commons. It is a little busy for my taste but the details are truly thought out.  It also struck me how much the proportions are similar to a church.

I was design architect For Cristo Rey Jesuit High School and the Colin Powell Leadership Center. I believe this was graduation and I stepped back for a quick 5 minute sketch.  What an amazing project helping at risk kids.

I took my birthday off and roamed and sketched. At the time this building was about to close. I think there has to be money to keep these great churches up. The hold so much memory and are such a part of the skyline. I know that it was bought because on the Zoning Board of Adjustments we approved a variance for temp screening for air conditioning.

Waiting for the bus on day. I love this building. The floors are literally hung on a cantenary curve that you can  see in the facade.  This is a building we studied in school.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Also, I have been on a mission to capture people better. The first sketch of the guy introducing the band is my favorite so far.  I showed it too him. He said he had been sketched many times but he thought this captured him the best. Especially the beard.

 A you can see I was really enjoyed sketching the shape of the stand up base.   The second sketch leaves out some of the band  but my favorite part is watching these two brothers work together.
This last sketch was of the saxophonist and the bass working together. The tune is "my leg is bouncy" and my sketch should have caught more of that!

Any way, sketching in a dark club is a lot of fun and I enjoyed it.