Saturday, August 15, 2015

Balcony Painting in Mittenwald!

This This Painting in Mittenwald - Die Zirbelnuss

This was my window balcony view for a few days at a wonderful air b&b. I spent a lot of time painting out here trying different techniques of the same view. 

This is evening using a warm triad color mix. I was working in a wet on wet style that I am trying to get better at. I learned a lot here and am excited to try a larger format with some of the photos I took. This is 8.5 x 11 on toned paper (I have never water colored on toned paper and this Magnani Annigoni Designo stuff is crazy nice)

I can't decide if this one is done but I realize I haven't signed and dated. 

My slightly expanded in I am using my real brushes instead of my water pen. I also took a box of assorted 8.5x11 papers to experiment with. 

Same view but a very very different take. I have better pictures but this was the light during the some of the paintings. Really fun. Complete wet in wet painting technique giving up tons of control. This is on 300 pound arches paper which is unfortunately on the back of another painting. This was an accident and I am so lucky I didn't ruin it!

And finally an attempt at the wonderful steeple. I enjoyed this painting and would like to do larger versions. 

Super fun....more to come!

James Nutt

Friday, May 15, 2015

Art-A-Whirl 2015 - Come and See Us

Art-A-Whirl is Here Again! Come and See Us
I didn't realize that I hadn't posted this blog entry from Art-A-Whirl 2014!
Come and see our new space in the same building.  We are excited to show work from this year and meet tons of people.
Our space in the middle of the hall on the 2nd floor of the Solar Arts Building which houses - Indeed Brewery.
711 NE 15th Ave
711 NE 15th Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55413
4 artist share this space. 1 photographers and 3 architect needed an art outlet! Plus Leo has his space and his work on display.
A few pictures from prep this week

AND A REPOST FROM LAST YEAR simply because it was so much fun.
The place was packed all weekend!  Really wonderful to meet so many people and discuss art.  We worked so hard to get this set up and it was worth it.

This image is typical of how many people were in the studio the whole time. Leo really did great with the people and even tried to sell some art.
My friend Pat Mackey stopped by wearing the required architect black shirt.

The T-Rex! got the most attention of everything I had posted. I sold several prints.  T-Rex! is back in Hazels NE for the time being.  I have sold prints to or created new cardboard pieces for several people since the show.

Lots of friends who stopped by are in this picture.


The NewStudio Architecture crew came by!

Indeed Brewery and the band outside kept the place packed. There was so much fun stuff going on that it was crazy.

Leo had fun.

Our hallways are also art galleries. We are at the end of the hall so this gives a good indication of how busy it stayed.

Another shot of the common space.


The space is was only empty before the start and after!
Art-A-Whirl was a blast.  We will be open most First Thursdays if anyone wants to visit and see what we are up to. Thanks for all the support of our art. It really helps!
James Nutt


Thursday, April 23, 2015

A visit to New Orleans!

I was in New Orleans recently and I took sketch bag just in case! (I take it everywhere just in case)

Most of these are while waiting for food. The carousel bar literally spins at a slow 14 minute rotation. 

This was a very very fast sketch and
Paint while standing in a crowd. 

This just had to be sketched. 

Our dinner view of the roof of the Cats Meow building

I hope you enjoyed these. I certainly did!

James Nutt

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Sketching On a Plane

 I have been playing with iPad Art again.  

With a new tablet I finally broke down and got a pressure sensitive stylus.  I have been doing research into the children's illustration world and I believe it would be fun to do this with Procreate.

These two pieces were done on a crowded flight with two separate delays that kept me on the tarmac for a long while. The seats were to crowded to do work but with my right hand against the window side.  I am a big guy that the airlines are obviously not designing for so I always pick this arrangement when I can.

This was the first time I had an opportunity to play with the new stylus.  Adonit touch with pixel point 

Image one - playing around with children's book illustration ideas.

Playing with a brush technic outside my comfort zone...Solar Arts Building (my studio and arts community)

I have had the idea of a hand sketch with evolved fingers in my head for a while. I call it "Phalanx +"

I did a few more (there a lot of delay time) but this tells the story pretty well. I will write more about the stylus later, but my studio mate Ted is ringing in my ear..."It is the Indian, not the bow"