Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Sketching On a Plane

 I have been playing with iPad Art again.  

With a new tablet I finally broke down and got a pressure sensitive stylus.  I have been doing research into the children's illustration world and I believe it would be fun to do this with Procreate.

These two pieces were done on a crowded flight with two separate delays that kept me on the tarmac for a long while. The seats were to crowded to do work but with my right hand against the window side.  I am a big guy that the airlines are obviously not designing for so I always pick this arrangement when I can.

This was the first time I had an opportunity to play with the new stylus.  Adonit touch with pixel point 

Image one - playing around with children's book illustration ideas.

Playing with a brush technic outside my comfort zone...Solar Arts Building (my studio and arts community)

I have had the idea of a hand sketch with evolved fingers in my head for a while. I call it "Phalanx +"

I did a few more (there a lot of delay time) but this tells the story pretty well. I will write more about the stylus later, but my studio mate Ted is ringing in my ear..."It is the Indian, not the bow"