Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Water Soluble Carbon Dark Tower

With all of the talk about Stephen Kings Dark Tower series I thought I would share my take.  Or what turned out to be a take.  I did this water soluble carbon piece in a hotel room on a business trip.  After long meetings I often need to paint.  While traveling especially.

I gave this to Todd Beaver for Christmas one year. A fellow Dark Tower fan.

Keep Drawing!

James Nutt

Spoon and Cherry- a favorite sketch

If you know Minneapolis you know about this huge Spoon and Cherry sculpture.  This is an urban sketch done while sketching with the Metro Sketchers.  The original is hanging at the White Bear Center for the arts and I have professional prints on water color paper at my studio for $75.

This is done with my travel inkwash technique of older water pens filled with ink applied with a water pen filled with water. 

The red is Noodlers Cayenne, the blacks are Noodlers Lexington Grey and Black.


This smaller version is from my daily sketchbook.  I can't remember which came first.

Keep Drawing!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Pecha Kucha - Things that inspire my art life

My architecture firm does an annual Pech Kucha presentation and invited me to participate. This is a 20 slide presentation with 20 seconds per slide.  Really fun and went quickly!  I decided to try to describe my current art path and things and people that have encouraged me along the way.

Maybe someday I will type what I spoke, but for not this will have to do.  I am also committing to reengaging with this blog. I have let is sit for a long time.

Hope you enjoyed it!

Keep Drawing

James Nutt
Solar Arts Building