Saturday, March 29, 2014

A Visit To Red Door Studio #207

A Visit To A Red Door Studio #207

We don't have the space yet, but today we spent a few hours touring and meeting a few of the other artists.  I took several photos and thought I would share.

The studio itself

Out side our space.... since this building is secure...the corridor is also a gallery. We have 1 wall and a space out front that we have complete control over.  A permanent gallery. How awesome! Ours is the red door.

This is a main corridor leading to our space.  We met several of the artist today. Super cool and great people. Amazing stuff on the walls.

This is part of the main gallery corridor public space.

Another shot of the communal space


The red door is our entrance. I have learned that ours is called "The Red Door Studio"  works for me!  There are temp tenants (shown here) setting up for a big party tonight.

Another Amenity

Upstairs is HUGE space that will be available to us, parties, weddings etc. It also has roof access!

AND.. they bought Johnny Cash's bar of 17 years for the space. The Cash museum sold off a lot of furniture.  Can you imagine the conversations around this thing?  Wow

Down stairs - Indeed Brewery - Last night I met Dave Buchanan for a beer and got this panorama.

Leo had a good time and even outside with the melted snow.

The new directory is being created.

Expect sketches of these views!

We met several people today and really enjoyed meeting Michael who has a real passion for the place.

Now, we just need to wait for May 1st!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Nuttdraws Gets a New Home! The Solar Arts Building! (Above the Indeed Brewery in NE Minneapolis)


Our new home away from home -

I am so excited.  For the past 8 years I have had a dream of being a part of the NE Arts community and especially Art-A-Whirl ( I would go every year and it would be painful because I thought, " I could do this, but I am not."  Last year it was more enjoyable because I was producing and I thought, "how great would it be a part of this scene and have a space."

Almost a year ago at my St Paul Almanac showing a few friends started talking about getting a space together. Stephanie started looking and over time found the Solar Arts building.  Marcy got on board and quickly this whole dream became real. We lost our first space to a group of poets.  (You don't get to say that everyday) but another space opened up and we jumped on it!

So, believe it or not, we now have a space AND will be in Art a Whirl.  And in true James and Marcy Fashion the show is 2 weeks after we get the space! We have a lot of work to do.

Marcy and I will share a space together.  Our small upstairs in our house will be almost empty because it still has the C+N furniture plus my 4'x5' motorized drawing desk and all that goes with my art. So we also get another room in our house!  

Our studio mates are the talented Stephanie Dunn  ( and Holly Scholl  ( in the other spaces. We are in negotiations with a 5th person to make it affordable. We also plan to make the space available to rent as a temporary photo studio.

The building has open house nights on First Thursdays and features the artist on the site (  

My hope is to have a place to create art, meet other artist, and hopefully sell and take commissions. I am really looking forward to meeting the community.  

Being above a taproom doesn't hurt either.....

I also hear chocolate and sandwiches are on their way too!

The building!

The "not yet ours" space.

Our front door! (We will work on that)

 I am excited enough it has been hard to sleep!  Visit if you can!

James Nutt, AIA