Saturday, December 1, 2012

A day of sketching in Philadelphia

I took an extra day in Philly to wander and sketch. Great city. I had a nice time. Patrick Stinger and his wife gave me a general layout of things to sketch. I roughly followed their direction.  I started in the Italian Market with a great cup of coffee and salami as I found a stoop to sketch from. I got to have a lot of conversations with kids.

This sketch was actually the first stop, if only because we spent the previous evening at the Pope's Pub and I wanted to get a sketch. The first one was from the car. The second was from a photograph later in the airport while I could still remember it.

The last stop after wandering randomly around the city was the Barnes Museum. Really beautiful building, but I had a hard time getting a painting I was happy with. I was determined to go abstract without lifework. However, that didn't seem to be in the cards so I did as best I could and loosely sketched over it.

Got to the airport at 4pm. finished the second Pope's Pub sketch and finished off a great day.