Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Cup and Cone White Bear sketch

This fun sketch was done from the Caribou Coffee window in White Bear Lake, MN.  I think this place just celebrated 40 years.  I met my confirmation mentee here to finish his faith statement.  I sketched at the small table as he wrote between our talks so he didn't feel I was watching him write. 

My tools here are Daniel Smith watercolor in my tiny travel kit, Pentel brush pen force fed with Noodlers Lexington grey, and a water pen. I have same kit loaded with Roz Stendhal's Schmincke Horadam gouache palette. I use this small arsenal on about 80% of my out of the studio work these days. 

I love seeing everyone's work!

James Nutt, AIA

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Drawing in Church - again...

Doug Mitchell speaking about the Trayvon Martin mess at Westminster Presbyterian Church. Painted " Plein Pew
With pentel brush pen loaded with Lexington Grey and quick water color. 

Saturday, July 13, 2013

12 July 2013 - Daily Sketch - Delta Flight

12 July 2013 - Daily Sketch - Delta Flight  - iPad painting using Procreate - with some progress shots.

I need to add text later, but certain people may like to see the progress shots before I can get too it. 

The "Final"

The Process - starting from the beginning. 

12 July 2013 - Daily Sketch - Funny Water Tower in Philly

12 July 2013 - Daily Sketch

iPad painting using ProCreate

Turning boys into robots - iPad with Procreate photo trace

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th 2013

Today's sketch. Totally drawn and painted in the dark with everything balanced on my knee. I was only able to lay down 3min of pencil work before they shut the lights off for the fire works to start. I guess the nice part o my small kit are that you can remember where your colors are. I didn't know what this was going to look like until now. Gouache and fine marker. 

Today's sketches

I am going to start posting my daily art even if I don't have time to put great text to it. This is today. Let the work speak for itself...or not