Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Urban Sketching at the Ice House of the Red 5

Quick sketches of the Red 5 at the Ice House. I met a friend, Will Jensen, at the Ice House for  awesome jazz a few nights ago. There is something about drawing in the dark while everyone is so focused on the music that lends an odd public privacy. I have always avoided drawing people directly, but lately have been tackling it head on. That may be why I am posting the sketch without the photo. I tried to catch the energy, but I doubt the people would recognize themselves just yet.  However, I do enjoy seeing who shows up on my page and what mood they are in.  I am better at capturing mode than faces.  

Before this set was a rare drum duet that begged to be sketched, all the ovals and cylinders and lights, but I also had a responsibility to listen to the hard work on stage. Maybe next time….

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