Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A weekends worth of sketching

Nothing special about the weekend except I really felt like sketching and had my small kit with me.

 A quick sketch at Sporty's Bar (A dive bar of epic proportion in a good way) waiting for a friend to show up. Given this was done in poor lighting I think it came out ok. Mostly practicing people and watercolor with a prelim sketch.

Before church drawing my son in the Westminster Library and people in the coffee shop. My people are actually starting to look like the people. 

In the NE Coffee Shop we all three went hung out for a while and I did a rough abstract of the flowers at the table.

Later that day, painting while Leo played in the park. Once again, trying to draw more with paint, although I did do a light sketch of the major parts and proportions. I simply ran out of time on this one. It was fun and I have decided for an architect, I don't sketch enough houses and buildings.

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