Saturday, March 16, 2013

My High School Drawings!

I found my old folder of drawings. Anyone who sat next to me in any class probably saw something like this! What a blast to see these again. I can almost remember exactly what I was doing while drawing each of them. Perhaps this is why I didn't graduate higher in my class but did pretty well in Architecture school. My favorite themes were to take current cars and guess the future design, Dragons and the like, landscapes, etc.  Teenage boy stuff I guess... I wish I had dated all of these, but this is junior high and high school.


  1. James, Thanks for posting these sketches! It gives me, your high school art teacher, a full-body smile.

    Dwight Ott

  2. Thank you Dwight (Mr. Ott back then), I hoped that you would see them. I still remember pouring through the very old national geographics looking for the car advertisments. I still have a GTO drawing. It is very good to be talking with you again, I will visit when next in Bella Vista.