Sunday, November 24, 2013

AT-AT! A blast with Cardboard and Oil pastel - in Progress

After a visit to Hazel's NE I was encouraged by how many people inquire about the "T-REX!".  I finally have some more of the cardboard from the original.
This is the final product. I will post a better picture once I can get it.

A detail shot. 

Laying in the sky. I was going for the orange to blue sky that I love so much on my drives home.  These are Crayola oil pastels. 

Last nights progress. Laying in the grey was pretty laborious because despite the erasure shield I still needed to scrap the pastel off of the ink. 

The beginning of color. Color a little, then a lot of scraping.

After the pencil underlay is no long useful and the inking is done I erased the construction lines. I don't typically do this, but for some reason tonight I did. 

Inking is finished. I place the drawing on the mantel several times during this process to look at it from a distance and see what is worth fixing.

The inking process using my pentel brush pen with Noodler's Polar Black.

Pencil is roughed in. Leo is helping me.  Notice the golden mean layout in the background. I always do this and then loosely follow it.  This helps me make good compositional decisions.

Placing the drawing on the mantel to check for areas that don't work. I noticed that it looks too long and skinny and realize I missed the lower portion. It really helps to step away from our work every so often and look at it critically.

My drawing, my helper, and the model.  A 1970s AT-AT given to Leo by a friend of ours. I have wanted to draw him for some time now.  This particular composition has been in my head for several months now.



  1. I am a Hazel regular and loved both the Trex and the AT-AT. I hope to find one of your works for my man cave.


  2. HI Michael, Thanks! Both of these pieces were just in Art A Whirl and I have a few limited edition signed and numbered first run of 20 left of both. Or.... I would love to do a custom piece. Thank you again and you can contact me at