Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Clevelander view from the beachside seats

I was an invited artist to the Clevelander in South Beach on a dream trip twice a few years ago.  I was invited to come and sketch as much as I could for 4 days.  

I see that I never posted this process image, drawn and painted at night and onsite while enjoying the atmosphere.  The next day with actual sunlight I pushed and pulled a few things.

This is pretty typical of my process and also shows my paint kit.

This was such an amazing trip. If you ever visit the Clevelander they also own the Essex House on the same block. It is beautiful, the courtyard is amazing, and Zen Sai is fantastic as well.

a panarama from my vantage point

Laying out the big shapes and getting the proportions right

The inking starts. This is not a tracing, this is drawing a second time and often times I am making changes on my second pass.

More progress

Starting to clean up

Now for color

I use a limited pallete and then only three colors from that. Especially when I paint in the dark with colored lights.

Blocking out more color.

In the daylight. Working while eating.

More or less finished.

This was a fun trip.  I have a second round of drawings that I have never posted but the first round can be found here:


Hope you enjoyed a peek at my process!

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