Saturday, January 25, 2014

Miami Beach - The Process of the Clevelander Patio Pool Sketch

The first sketch


This image was done on site and the first sketch of my first night's drawing. I really enjoyed this one. After a great dinner and wandering around with Leo and Marcy I took off to sketch as Leo went to sleep.  I choose this spot because it is from the opposite viewpoint from the sketch that got me here.The guy taking care of me was awesome and would even watch my stuff as I took bathroom breaks.  This Patio is crazy with people and this huge DJ stage that throws lights and music everywhere.  This was drawn completely on site and in the dark. It is always a surprise to see how the colors actually turn out.  The yellow is hard to see and much brighter the next day int the light.  I did this on purpose this time because the stage throws so much light onto the palm trees, the buildings, and the people.  The stretched fabric up top is the SP 4 sun deck and the C Level is directly above my head. I roughed the scene in with a pencil to get the "big rocks" in place and then went at it with a Lumacolor "B" tip pen.  Then I erased the pencil and used my travel kit loaded with Horadam transparent gouache.

First I pencil in and try to get the big picture elements in place and the rough perspective.  All of these pencil marks will be erased, left, or sometimes completely ignored.

From here I will start to ink in the major parts. I am using a Lumacolor "B" tip which is much thicker than I typically use. It works great for this image but I will abandon it later in favor of my fountain pen because of all of the foliage.

Ink complete. If you look close you will see I change my mind from what is put down in pencil for the sake of of composition and and clarity.

My work station! Thank you Clevelander...

A last tweak before color

Now for the color. These pictures are taken with the iphone flash so I can check where I am. Yellow is trickly at night in and in other night sketches I save it for the next day. This scene is so crazy with the dj lights if I get it more bold it will be perfect for the atmosphere and light work.

Laying in the darks, you can see my minimal paint kit here. It is about decisions and not about variety.

Spot check

This is a crazy plaza.  So much fun to be in. Especially doing something you love.  Thanks again to the guy waiting on me. He took care of me and really watched my stuff during bathroom breaks.  Nicely done Sir.

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