Saturday, January 18, 2014

Miami Beach - The First Night of Sketching


This image was done on site and the first sketch of my first night's drawing. I really enjoyed this one. After a great dinner and wandering around with Leo and Marcy I took off to sketch as Leo went to sleep.  I choose this spot because it is from the opposite viewpoint from the sketch that got me here.The guy taking care of me was awesome and would even watch my stuff as I took bathroom breaks.  This Patio is crazy with people and this huge DJ stage that throws lights and music everywhere.  This was drawn completely on site and in the dark. It is always a surprise to see how the colors actually turn out.  The yellow is hard to see and much brighter the next day int the light.  I did this on purpose this time because the stage throws so much light onto the palm trees, the buildings, and the people.  The stretched fabric up top is the SP 4 sun deck and the C Level is directly above my head. I roughed the scene in with a pencil to get the "big rocks" in place and then went at it with a Lumacolor "B" tip pen.  Then I erased the pencil and used my travel kit loaded with Horadam transparent gouache.

On a side note, it is a random world and while having lunch in this space two former Ryan Coworkers from Minneapolis turned up. Jared  Olson and Gretchen Lundberg  were returning from a cruise and stopped in for a drink.  How crazy random.

The original


Sketch #2 of the first night.  This is the one sketch that keeps evading me.  This is my 4th or 5th attempt if you include my previous trips.  It is ok, but my least favorite of the trip. However, it was really fun to do.  It was a first attempt of on site ink wash (I loaded a water brush with Noodlers Polar Black and used a second water brush pen to control the water and flow).  Once I brought the image into Photoshop to reduce and send to the owner I accidentally hit inverse and like that better. I have pre prepped a few watercolor pages for a 6th attempt off of reference photos. This will not beat me.... It will not...


C Level is a smaller but kind of exclusive bar on the roof top.  Lots of beautiful people very well dressed and having a good time. The views of the ocean and the skyline are simply amazing and there is a neon colored water fall that runs an entire wall. It was a little cool and windy while up this night so the waterfall wasn't in use, but I am told it is crazy and I believe it. It was cold enough I had a light jacket on.  I am supposed to do another sketch from images that will be sent to me.  Amusingly I was talking to guy (who happened to be a local architect about my age) and his girlfriend offered to trade me her dress for my jacket.  I think I can save this image by working on the entourage from photos.  If you are wondering....yes I still have my jacket.  Lumacolor "B" pen with my travel kit of Horadam gouache and Niji water pen.

At This point it was pretty late after the flight, the wandering, and the three sketches. I don't want to say what time it was but I can say the place was still going way stronger than I could ever think about going. It is very cool to have the very quiet, original, and historic Essex House and the constant party of the Clevelander and it's rooms separate.  They very much have everything covered here....What a crazy night.

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