Friday, June 14, 2013

Sketching at work

People think architects draw all the time. It is not true, but sometimes it is true.  I take every opportunity I can to draw instead of talk. One reason .... I draw better than I talk...especially if I have been "in my head" for a while.  This is an example of my favorite type of work drawing. This drawing is literally drawn at a one to one scale - meaning life size.

I learned to draw this way working at a design build firm where every thing was crazy fast. I needed to develop something the developer and owner could see what it looked like, the construction could understand how to build it and in what sequence, and the architecture team could turn it into details.

I envision....someday... of an entire set of construction documents with one plan, one reflected ceiling plan, and everything else is drawn this way.

Notice this paper is on a grid, but an axon grid.  This is a trick learned from the great Jim Larson - detailer/poet/ sage exemplar.

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