Friday, June 14, 2013

Sketching in St Paul

Short Story - I have had a crazy week and Marcy started Father's day early and gave me an evening to sketch in St Paul.  The back story is that I am entering a competition  to be one of 3 artist to produce a sketch of lower town that will be on a beer coaster with a decent fee.  I thought it would be great to spend a few hours there and sketch. I found this amazing park with a real piano that amazing people played. Also in both of my sketches, very bold people came and had great conversation with me.  St Paul is awesome... period....

My view

A roughed out sketch

A bit more roughed out... enjoying amazing piano music

At one point the drawing "decided" it wanted both pages for a full spread layout

Three shots that need to be a panorama

Medium light roughed out. Also realizing I left my brush pen with warm grey ink at work. It was my intention to finish with this. At this point I decided this was a pencil sketch.

So now.. from left to right...tiime to commit  and commit in the order that my hand won't smear the  lead.  Half observation half what the page needs for composition. Lots of decisions here....lots of oportunity for lazyiness...

"finished" is a relative term...out of time

Sketch in context

I drove past the depot and it obviously needs to be sketched, but I wanted to be warmed up.

Panorama is a good representative of my view

In context

Pretty proud of this sketch. Pentel Brush Pen loaded (via syringe) with Noodlers Cayenne ink.  This sketch was probably about 25 minutes not counted conversations. I am pretty proud of this one.

I ENJOYED THE EVENING BIG TIME... I hope you enjoyed the sketches. Just keep drawing!


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